You want the best, and we want the best for you. We create a fun, inviting space for fun pictures. We supply numerous props for you and your guests to use (hats, glasses, signs, and much more).

All photo booths are NOT created equal! Our photo booth is professionally made and uses only the best equipment and technology. Our booth uses a Canon DSLR camera to take the best and clearest pictures possible. It also uses a touch screen computer, which makes it user friendly and able to give more options. We only use professional grade printers. To make your pictures look the best as possible, we use a sub-dye printer, which means no drying time, no smearing, and crisp, clear photos. Pictures are printed in about 30 seconds.

Every event gets their name and date customized on the photo strips. Free reprints! Not many things are free these days, but yes, we said "FREE"! Every guest that is in the photo gets a photo strip. If there is 2 guests or 10 in the picture, it doesn't matter. We will make sure each person gets a photo strip.

For more information about our photo booth, click HERE, or follow the link to our photo booth page for more information and pricing.